Life has been nothing but monotony,

Till the time you met me.

Little smiles and little laughter paved way to a new venture.

With every passing day I thought,

I knew you better,

More than yesterday, less than the day yet to come!

Like, you were a lost part of my very own childhood dream.

With every passing day our hearts, grew closer,

Just like a lost channel of water finds its way to the ocean.

As time flew,

We realized we shared much in common.

Yet uncommon were the ways we discovered one another.

Days turned to weeks.

And weeks elapsed to months,

And the silent stares said it all.

Till the day,

The hurricane of emotions let itself lose,

Reciting the verses of our souls.

From that moment,

Our eyes have met a million times,

Our hearts have pounded a million times more.

And each time it keeps repeating these same lines;

“If I am a maestro, you are my melody.”

“If I am a poet, you are my inspiration.”

“And if I am a river, you are my ocean of love!”


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