A Cinderella story

As the clock strikes 12,
i get ready in my thoughts,
in a splendid white dress,
and my stilettos of glass.
i look at myself in the mirror
and say ” tonite is my night and no one is gonna steal it ever…”
i wear a smile on my face,
and quietly tiptoe out of my house in the cold,
waiting for him to arrive on his white horse,
and take me to my dream home.
seconds,minutes and hours pass by,
i still sit on the front porch,
holding my hopes high,
but time just ticks by.
atlast i hear a galloping horse at a distance.
and my shurken heart,
regains its joy in an instance.
i look above, in the sky,
and thank god to have answered my prayer.
but as i slowly open my eyes,
i realise that it was just a passer by.
my heart drowns deep within,
and now there is no one to pull me out of this i think.
i start crying , just to realise that i was dreaming.
nither am i the pretty cinderella,
nor is he a prince charming.
whatever may be , may be
the future is not to see.
but in my cinderella story,
we are never meant to be……


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