Cyber romeo and juliet

e-romeo: no I will erase your tears and pain,
and get it in my veins. Just to make you smile again.

e-juliet: your soft touch of sanity
will keep me awake through the coldest of winters
and the hottest of summers.

e-romeo- I will care for you like a mother,
I will love you like a father, and protect your very soul from the devils so as to live happily together in heavens.

e-juliet: your rearing love, will get me through the days. and it will gift me with happiness and gay. Can you please be my date at least for today?

e-romeo: I would love to! I would absolutely love to….
It’s like the question in my heart you have answered.
My hearts desires now fulfilled….
Yes you have done it!

e-romeo: love …..o……love will follow the way,
why not enjoy the romance prevailing in the air today?

e-juliet: yes…………………………
love will surely follow the way….
And lead to our hearts where it ought to stay…
Forever I pray.
e-juliet: I didn’t know what love was, till you came my way.
But now that I have realized my heart beat,I will behold it till death
O dear romeo where have thou been all these days?

e-romeo: LOST!
I had lost my way in your love.
I have lost my heart to you,
But eventually I found my way……… 
That’s what I am here to say today……

e-juliet: you haven’t lost…..
you haven’t atall.
Neither will you ever.
Cause you have won my heart
Which is just yours forever.

e-juliet: your love is so crystal clear,
so pure, so scerine.
Tell me when did you love so much?
We were friends to be,
Tell me how did we become lovers in reality?

e-romeo: I don’t know.
I really an cluless.
Its… its just that, I found a missing piece of y heart with you.
Well all I know is that I got badly got obsessed with you.

e-juliet: so badly, that you readily fell on your knees for me!

e-romeo: yes love, I did!
I had no choice, I just could not stop loving you and I never will.
As the craving for you in my heart is beyond insanity.

e-juliet: you make my heart pound and leave me speechless.
Why tell me why didn’t thou meet thy before?

e-romeo: and now that I have got you.
I wish to hold you tight in my arms,
And never let you depart.

e-juliet: o lord when will I meet my romeo?
When will I ever?

e-romeo: soon!
Soon enough, don’t panic dear.
Cause our priceless love knows no boundaries,
That can’t be erased for you teddy bear.

e-juliet: I have no clue
no clue at all as to when the soon will be soon in real!

e-juliet: you keep talking about the symptoms,
but you never about the illness.
Why is it so dear?

e-romeo: keep loving me and you will realize 
that this illness is my love,
and it’s symptoms my romance.

e-juliet: *sobs tears of happiness*
since you have been so honest, I think I should confess the truth too.

e-romeo: surely!
Go for it…love.

e-juliet: I liked you from the day we spoke,
and loved you from the day we didn’t,
and today I realized that I alone didn’t feel insane.
Love you really made me fall deep within.
But amidst this huge sea of joy and lust,
There is a little island of fear that resides,
The fear of losing…….you to someone…………

e-romeo: shhhhh…………
now that I love you
please don’t say any of that.
I will never leave you.
As in you I found true love and thy is the person with whom I want to live and die……

e-juliet: o romeo-o romeo! 
Where have thou been all along?
I really do….


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