Her story

Once a girl sat at the corner of the balcony of her house,

She sat their for long accompanied by her mobile phone,

Lapsing her time by making calls to someone very special,

Who just would not pick up!

But she wasn’t going to easily give up.

So she kept calling, till he finally answered her calls.

On hearing his voice, she couldn’t control her joy.

She let go of all the sorrows he gave,

And all the blames he put on her.

With a smile she humbly requested him to come and meet her.

But on her face he said ‘No!’

She asked why it was so.

All he said was “my heart doesn’t permit me to go!”

Then their was silence,

Neither of them spoke.

For people who knew them,

It would be surprising to believe,

They had nothing to speak.

Finally she broke the silence,

By asking him something,

To which he replied

“I can’t confide with you any more! People make mistakes once or twice,

but you keep repeating them again and again.”

Silence took its final toll,

As she grabbed a sharp object near by,

And slit her wrist into as many wounds as she could,

For mistakes both known and unknown.

After she let her wounds wet the floor

She spoke over the phone,

“I love you very much, yes I do.

But the fault was in me and never in the way I loved you.

Remember among all the promises I made to you,

I had mentioned that I would give up my life for you.

So, here you go I have finished myself for you and freed you from all the pains I gave you!”

With that she closed her eyes

And smiled in pain,

As she would never see his handsome face or hear his voice again!


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