I wish for you

late,in a winter’s evening
i wait for a ray of hope to come by.
i tell myself,its so beautiful outside…
oh, i wish i had a date tonite.
long, since i have waited for you,
and now you should know that my feeling are true.
yours eyes shine so bright as u stare into her eyes,
i wish i could stare into your glittering eyes ,
if you were holding me in your arms tonite.
they say the days of true love are long gone away.
but here i stand on a lost pathway,
hoping the wind would direct me to your door one day.
i wish i had just one more chance to do it all over again.
then i would do it right this time no matter how much it pains.
here i stand in front of the window to get you back i pray.
just as i watch the late winters evening fade away…..


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