In the arms of my angel

Late at night, Surrounded by walls of white, I write the story of my love.

We are nothing special, We are no prodigy, We are yet another love story.

But like every love story, Ours is also a captivating one.

Both of us met,On net through a social networking site.

We chatted, never realising that with each inching moment we fell in love.

We often surprised each other. No, not through lavish gifts,But through small deeds,Through I love yous,Through smiles, And through tears.

We lived for love, And swore that we would die for love.

So immense was our bond. So strong, Yet a little fragile.

Why I say so ,

is not because we trusted less in each other,But that life played very unfair with us, Even though life was aware that we were each others world!

Yes, My poor love hasn’t got much time left.

But we are not afraid, As our love is beyond space and time, Its eternal, Forever that is.

She lays here close to me ,Asleep…so beautiful…


Don’t talk so loudly you just might disturb her, She just hates being disturbed.

She is lying in my arms, Wrapped in tranquility,Peace, serenity, In the cocoon of our love.

She is resting.

She is tried running, Running this horrendous path called “life”,

Which she accepted calm and quiet.

But now no more.

She once told me,

‘if she fell running and if panting wouldn’t revive her breath back, then she would take her last breathe to say I love you just to tell me how much she loved me.’

And I had laughed when she had said that.

And now I am wishing every moment that she says thoes three magical words.

But she is sleeping…


Hey, look she is opening her eyes,

She is smiling, She is breathing,

Look, she wants to tell me something, She wants to talk to me,

She wants to tell me something.

I stare at her tear filled eyes.


In my arms she lays still.

I see the last tear roll by her eye.

and all she wanted to say,


I love you,

I love,



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