I am alive, yet dead deep inside,

I am being rocked back and forth in life,

Forced to walk through empty streets alone,

In sunny days and stormy nights.

I walk this path,Searching for the light,

At the end of this endless road,

God knows where I ought to go.

I am like that wild flower,

That once bloomed in grace,

But now has wilted out in sheer disgrace.

People round me will always be clueless,

Regarding the pain I suffer in silence.

My laughs and smiles are only an alibi to my sorrows I bore deep within.

I am dead yet alive somehow,

I can assure you so.

Long time ago, my tears used to soothe my sorrow,

But now they have just become an immortal part of my pain.

Look o look at the irony of fate,

When I never thought I would be happy,

I was granted happiness in abundance.

And when,All that I wanted was happiness and joy,

I was burdened with sorrow,

’Not in single spies but in a battalion.

Suffering this pain of life,

And feeling dead when I am still alive,

I only have a solitary hope left in me,

This time it is not a wish to be happy or a desire to bloom again,

But to rise from my own ashes of pain,

Be strong,

And live my life again.


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