On the eve

Beneath the deep blue sky

Of a winter’s night,

I see the lulled town through

The frosted window of our house.

In the quietness of the night,

I hear him breathe,

As he turns to the side

And snuggles next to me asleep.

I stare at his clam, boyish face

And it reminds me of the day we first met.

Days, weeks, months and a year has gone away,

Yet it feels like I fell in love with him just yesterday.

Every breath he breathes

Floods me with memories from our past.

I slowly drift back to the day we first held hands the day we first hugged, the day we first kissed, the day we first fought to the day we sat together and cried our pains out.

The spell of the past is suddenly broken…

As the clock strikes three,

Reminding me to lay down and sleep.

I rest my head over the pillow,

And turn over the other side to set the alarm.

I suddenly feel his strong, warm hands, holding me near.

As he lifts a lock of hair and put it behind my ear,

And whispers quietly,

“will you be my valentine now and forever?”


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