I have wondered many times,

As to why and how I love you so much!

It is a strange voice in me,

And I heard it speak in my voice today.

I love you for so many reasons big and small,

and all of them,

Are wonderful justifications as to why you are so special!

You got me deeply smitten in your love,

Due to the qualities you possess that make you one of a kind,

the only one for me in this world and beyond it.

I love you for the things you do,

as all your actions have a specific connotation in my life.

I love you for all the silent times,

When I asked you to keep quiet,

Just to hear you breathe,

as I know every breath you take spells my name!

I love you for the way you say my name.

I love you for the times,

Your eyes have met mine,

Even though it may have only been for a second or so,

But it reaches my very soul.

I love you for all the times you have quietly stared at me,

Thinking I never noticed.

And viewing this gaze from the corner of my eye,

Leaves me vulnerable, making me fall in love with you again.

I love you because I do and because I will no matter what!

And I can confidently say so, because

Right now I have realized that this strange voice,

Is nothing but my heart beating for you,

Craving in despair to be in your arms,

Inaudibly reciting ‘I love you’ a million times.

You surely have reached the deepest corner of my heart,

and have illumined it with your warmth, affection and most of all your love.

And with this light in me

You have brought down heaven to earth,

For me,

And that’s why I love you.


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