In this lonely night,
Surrounded by sighs of peace,
I shed tears of joy.
It’s been three months,
I have parted my ways form you,
But your memories still remain,
Vividly true.
The first few days after we parted,
Were hard,
For me to realise that you are no longer mine.
But as the days flew by,
I met people way better than you,
And that fact is really hard to deny.
I still get lost in thoughts sometimes,
Thinking, if you are still the same,
Thinking if you also miss me like I used to?
And sitting here right now,
Thinking of who I was and who I am now,
I am glad I moved on in life.
I am glad that I could finally bid you and your memories goodbye.
And I think, you will be happy to know that I am happy,
With the way life turned out to be,
With someone who really considers me worth.
With someone who deserves to be loved.
With someone who can make me laugh even when I might be crying.
With someone who is ready to hold my hand,
And show me off to his friends.
With someone who honestly thinks I am beautiful.
With someone who values my presence, a blessing.
With someone who has managed to change my life without me realising.
With someone who vows to listen to all my nagging with pin drop silence.
And with someone who is ready to be by my side,
In thick and thin,
In happiness and pain,
In love and war,
And even when,
I tell him stories about you and me.


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