Unseen Unspoken love

Unseen unspoken is the story of my love.

It’s been days since I have started to feel a bit strange.

I feel this unexplainable desire to be with………Him.

I just can’t put this feeling down; I can’t stop myself from thinking about him!

Day and night I try figuring out,

As to why do I feel such despair to be with him?

I try telling myself that life treats me very differently in comparison to other girls of my age!

But my heart won’t listen to me,

It keeps repeating just one thing that,

I have fallen in love,

Love at first sight!

But, what my heart fails to understand is that I couldn’t have possibly,

I can’t, I shouldn’t!

It’s like my heart is at the brink of an outburst to,

Tell him that I love him,

Tell him that he is very handsome,

Tell him that to the world he may just be one person,

But to this one person he means the world.

Tell him that I want to spend the rest of my life with him,

Even though his physical identity will always be a mystery to me!

But my poor heart,

Fails to understand, I can’t even if I wanted to.

Even after hours of convincing,

My heart won the battle against me.

Yes, I decided to let him know how I felt about him.

Unaware of the fact whether he feels the same about me, I confronted him the next day.

In front of him I stood, quivering inside.

And then I spoke softly.

He didn’t hear I think.

I raised my voice and I spoke,

He didn’t hear again.

And then…and then…

I shouted,

I shouted, I shouted, I shouted,

Till my heart had quenched its desire

And my eyes ran waterfall.

But he still didn’t hear me…he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

I kept repeating it to myself…

‘He couldn’t even if he wanted to…he couldn’t…he couldn’t…’

Lost in my own dismay, I walked myself back to where I belong,

To the house of the blind and dumb.

Where I will stay for life,

Without any love at fist sight again to come my way,

I pray.


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