You’re not sorry

There is a pain in everything I do.

There is a wish upon every eyelash I blow.

There are uncovered sorrows in my heart.

But only ‘‘sorry’’ to cover up.

People around me fake a smile or two

Some sympathize, others empathize,

But do they really feel the way I do?

Is it that easy to fit into my shoe?

I know I may not be the only one in pain,

Yet, I have to travel alone on my pathway.

I know I am not the best,

Like you want me to be .

But, is it wrong being different, and just being me?

You evaluate everything in the light of what I can’t do

And brush away the little achievements I look up to.

You say words are never meant to last,

Then why do every little thing you say hurt me so bad?

At this point of time my heart feels way beyond what it can express.

Even tears can’t express the sorrows I repress.

All I can say is,


To have broken your heart,

I promise I won’t do it again,

Just give me another chance.

You don’t have to be sorry for having cared for me,

Cause I will prove it to you,

That I am worth your praise in reality .


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