From where I seek my inspiration…

In life so many things inspire us, the ticking of a clock, the death of a loved one, the cry of a new-born child, the sound of a distant laughter of a couple in love, silence…, so on and so forth. We could really be intrigued by a variety of things in a day, but in life, there is always that “one” thing or that “one” person who helps you through, our most terrible days.

For me that one person is my little sister, Radha. She is a beautiful girl of 13 and yet very special. To the rest of the world she is a special needs child, but for me she is the reason I find strength to survive. She doesn’t talk much or lecture me when I am low. I place my head on her lap and cry and all she does is place her tiny, soft hands on my head and smile back at me. When she does that, I immediately know that there is nothing in the world that I can’t fight.

But that’s not exactly the reason she inspires me, the reason I feel such positive vibes when around her, is because, she is unlike all of us “normal” people. She doesn’t talk like and as much as we do. She spends her whole day juggling between, sitting on her wheel chair or sleeping in her bed. She seeks help for everything. And yet somehow at the end of the day she smiles, in the most genuine way, like nothing is wrong with her life. She doesn’t complain to have been different, she doesn’t crib being unable to do most of her stuff, she doesn’t vine that maybe her hair is not right, or this is not what she wants to wear to a mall.

Unlike all of us, she loves everyone back unconditionally, whether you pick her up and hug her, or not, whether you buy her gifts or not, whether you even remember her birthday or not, she will look up at you with her twinkling eyes, raise her hands up and say “aaaa…” meaning “come” in Bengali with a smile. She is a person, who can make you smile in the most dire situation, just by smiling back at you. And in 13 years of my life that I have known her, she has been able to pull me back up, when no one else could!

Inspiration comes from within, life doesn’t hand you over something or someone as an inspiration. You need to seek it. Look around your daily life, maybe it’s that old dress you call it your “lucky dress” or maybe its the white walls, or maybe it’s that friend of your’s who is ready to hug you out of your problem even at late hours of the day, or it’s that other friend who raises his voice and says “don’t be a cry baby, this is nothing!” So just stop, close your eyes and SEEK.

Sometimes inspiration comes to you in a small package ❤


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