Wish I could lay my head on your chest, and hear you breathe as I watch you fall asleep. Safe in the arms of your angle.

Looking at you sinking deeper into your REM, I see your eyes fluttering. As though you’re dreaming of a world beyond.

Where reasons are not questions, and justifications knows no answer. Where no dream is impossible to meet. Where love exists without any name and happiness without a watch.

As I continue to watch you intently, a drop of tear rolls own your eye, making you look more vulnerable than you already are.

Caught up in the moment, I feel you place you hand on my face. And oh my God the warmth of your hand runs down my spine, giving me goosebumps, as I hear you murmur in your sleep…. “I love you”

Fluttering your eyes, you slowly open them. Gesturing me to come closer. And as our faces come close to one another, you hypnotize me by the way you look, right into my eyes.

And you gently kiss me, goodnight…


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