Hearing the Gulf voices

The making of various types of Arab films has steeply risen. In comparison to the past three years, 2012 showcased some well made and well thought Arabic movies in various festivals like Wadjda (Saudi Arabia), 48 Hours (Iraq) , Swings (Syria) Baghdad Messi (Iraq) and Gaza Calling (Palestine) to name a few.

“How you communicate with your audience through a film is the key. It’s not the language nor is it the actor. Film making is all about communication,” said International Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival, Rasha Saltl.

Today an increasing number of Arab youth want to make more films to bring out the various facets of the Arab life, various issues, culture, tradition and human stories. And the rebel being that most of these films are written and directed by female directors.

But the issue here lies in the fact that, most of these Arab movies are underestimated in its own nation and when it goes to other regions like the USA, the audience gets over critical about it and often goes unwatched due to society’s preconceived notions.

But in a more positive outlook, the Arab region today, is increasingly encouraging film makers and communities to produce quality content. The Arab crowds staying abroad are making an effort to organize more film festivals to showcase local talent at an international podium indicating that Gulf voices are being heard by a larger audience.

By Srijita Chattopadhyay


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