Finding peace

Most nights I lie on my bed and look out of the window and stare at the big bright moon, slowly moving out of the window frame with the ticking time. And I wonder to myself, why do I feel so restless, among the silence that surrounds me. Eventually, after hours of fight and convincing myself to sleep, when I finally close my eyes, I am filled with memories of the past.

I lie still reliving what it was and what it is not. I cling on to my pillow hoping it would comfort me, just like all the times you held me close and told me “There is no better place where I would be than here…” Your sound echos loudly in my sub conscious. And as I take a deep breath, I am overwhelmed by how well I can recall your smell, it is almost like you are right beside me.

Thinking, brooding, imagining and reliving each memory I fall asleep. And as I get up next morning…the first thing that strikes my senses, is the dream I had from last night, where I was yours and you were mine!


This picture is a copyright of Srijita Chattopadhyay.


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