Top 10 problems of India summarized in videos

India is a vast country with a diversified crowd and cultures. It is a mosaic of different traditions, religions and problems. So to make a larger audience aware of these issues and to showcase concerns online, journalists, photographers, bloggers, video bloggers…so on, regularly write about the various problems that are faced by India. And here I have complied a set of 10 videos, that can intrigue you to make India a better nation.

1. Nitin Gupta, a stand up comedian gives a hilarious but a very true speech about increasing number of Rapes in India.

2. Vajpayee stands up during a parliament session to give an inspiring speech about how India still lags behind, even after years of independence.

3. A Al Jazeera reporter travels to New Delhi slums, to report about the pathetic sanitation system in India.

4. Dr. Kiran Bedi stand on the TED podium to talk about the corruption in India. She later talks about how she changed the mindset of prisoners in the most toughest prison of India, through education.

5. We have P. Sainath giving a speech at Pondicherry University about the agrarian crisis and the increasing rate of farmer suicide in India.

6. We have P. Sainath again, giving an interview with Reuters, about the increasing inequality in India.

7. One of the most talked about talk shows in India was Satyamev Jayate, hosted by Aamir Khan. In this particular episode the entire team discusses about the idea of a better India. The team goes to different places and asks people of different region, origin, cast, religion- about what is their opinion of a better India?

8. The multi-billionaire man, Bill Gates traveled to India a year back to see how new investments by the Indian government are improving medical care in poor communities.

9. Deepak Sharma, a YouTube subscriber made a small documentary highlighting the amount of poverty in India.

10. Lastly, the team of Beyondtv, shows us around India in terms of cast discrimination.


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