Short stories

Short story 1

And she kept smiling as she looked out of the window…
It poured heavily…
and she realized that nothing lasts forever…
so she confided him as a fond memory and got over him.

Short story 2

It swallowed her. She was drowning.
She tried to save herself. But there was no ground left beneath her feet.
And like that she fell in love and never recovered.

Short story 3

And he said,
“I tried to love you, but you failed me.”
And those words reverberated in her head years later when her grandchild asked her,
“Grammy did you ever fall in love with someone?”
She smiled and said,
“Everything I know about life is because of that one silly thing called, love.”

Short story 4

The birds chirped at the break of the dawn.
And the sun seemed to set at its own pace.
She lay there grasping her breath,
on the small hospital bed.
But in pain she smiled, re-living 80 years in the blinks of her eye.
And then it all stood still, as she sunk in her trance.

Short story 5

So how are you? Long time…
I am fine she said with a smile. Yes it’s been a while.
Wondering if he felt the similar emptiness inside.

Short story 6

I am signing your test paper the first and the last time…next time don’t get bad marks alright..she said making her little sister understand.. Silently..
As her sister continued to play with her toys…crouching over in her little wheelchair.


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