Barren to Green

Barren to Green is a coffee table book that I compiled as a part of my final project for my first undergraduate degree at Manipal University, Dubai . The subject of this coffee table book is organic farming techniques practiced UAE, to promote a healthy living.



VIEW.FOCUS.CLICK is an armature photography magazine, that I complied as a final project for the 2nd year of my BA degree in Mass Communication at Manipal University, Dubai. This magazine contents basic information required for a beginner level photographer to learn about photography.

My views on India

­No nation is perfect! As a part of the nation, don’t just stand there and point out the mistakes, rather take a step forward to correct them.
Just like every country, India also has its flaws. Yes, I believe they are more deep rooted than the problems of other nations. But a problem is a problem.

Our country has always drawn visible line, pushing the poor to one side and the rich to the other. And ultimately in today’s century this line is the reason why corruption has mushroomed all over the country. Let’s take for example; a ‘temple’ is a mode of corruption today, in most parts of India.
The Hindus of India are superstitious and God fearing by nature, and they do all sorts of things that make their conscious feel content. No, I am not saying that I have a problem with what they believe; because I myself at some point of time have been superstitious. But where the problem lies is when the poor or let’s say the middle class people approach the temples to pray, and the priests convince them to donate gold or money in order to be blessed. And these people faithfully spend their entire fortune, thinking and hoping things will turn around.

The issue is not about money. These priests also convince these people that, they should shave their heads and offer their hair to God for prosperity. But  what the devotees don’t know is that, this hair is sold and each day a priest makes approx. 4 lack or more. When I say priests I am not pointing out only to the ones in small temples, this happens in temples like Tirupatti, which is a government owned, and the profits they make per day, doesn’t go to the government treasury, rather in the Swiss accounts of the ministers and priests.

Then there are problems like, the government announces that they will build houses for the BPL population and after its construction, 50 per cent is allocated by the ministers, 20 per cent by government associates (like air force, navy…etc.) and the rest, I don’t think the poor people stay in it, because the maintenance costs are too high so they sell it.

Then there is the whole child labor issue. Well can’t blame the poor, those people need the money, hence resort to such means. But I wonder do they really send their kids to do jobs for money, or because they choose the easy way out.

There is the whole lack of respect for women hood also. Rapes after rapes keep happening, and the rapists still roam the streets like it’s their property. And even if they are caught, and if they are remotely related to the ministers they are bailed out, or if they are just normal people they are given just 7 years of sentence.

Why I feel surprised when it comes to India is that, the authority figures have so much of hard money to go to the US and give speeches or to send their spoilt kids to foreign countries for what they call ‘education’, but when it comes to the development of their own country, they act stingy, for example the whole Common Wealth games fiasco.

The solution to any nation related problem is the willingness to change of the old mind set and keeping pace with modernization  To understand today’s way of life and to learn let go of the traditional means and to broaden ones perspective. The reason why people don’t give a damn about our Indian authoritative figures is because; they know that this country is based on child’s rule. That, if they break the rules there are always ways to mend it for their benefit. I repeat again, to change the mind-set of the people living in India, one cannot just stand at a podium and crib, one has to take a step forward to change. Yes, I know it is easier said than done but India is in need of a dire revolution.